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From creator and show runner Rebecca Sugar:

A few of the boards I jumped in and did for Mirror Gem! My stuff is mixed in there toward the end, inside the incredible Lapis sequence boarded by Paul Villeco!

(Source: rebeccasugar)

samlikes2sketch asked: Hello My name is Sam Williams. Thank You very much for the post about shots and scene direction. I was curious if you know any good books that could further that understanding? I'm used to dealing with composition but i would like to know more about film direction.


The internet has so much to offer in terms of movie analysis and film direction. I find books about film direction extremely hard to digest. I don’t feel engaged. But short (or long) analysis of movies on Youtube, Vimeo, etc. are super fun to watch and easy to listen to while working on some other stuff. I’m not talking here about analysis that deal with them/plot/motif/etc. i’m talking about videos that decipher the “craft” of shooting a film. My favorite these days are Tony Zhou’s videos on Vimeo (they might be on YouTube as well).

Start with this Spielberg’s Oners:

Then try Edgar Wright - How To do Comedy:

You’ll be hooked. I’ll think about more about Youtube channels and references and post them soon.



Happy like two ducks in the rain.#pascalcampionart


Happy like two ducks in the rain.